Our Menus

We have a wide range of set menus which are designed to the highest standard with a wide selection of flavours to choose from. All our food is prepared in our kitchens and made from fresh ingredients. Our menus consist of canapés and buffets to live stations and catering for seated dinner parties.


A bountiful spread with diverse choices, allowing guests the freedom to savour various dishes in a relaxed, self-serve atmosphere.

Bento Meal Box

Convenient and compact meals carefully arranged in a box, ideal for corporate events or on-the-go dining with an array of flavours.


Relaxed, outdoor-style service with a casual ambience, offering smoky flavours and grilled delights, perfect for laid-back gatherings.

Cocktail Reception

Stylish and chic service offering a selection of hors d'oeuvres and beverages, fostering a convivial atmosphere for socialising.

Tea Reception

An elegant and refined service featuring delicate finger foods and teas, perfect for intimate gatherings or sophisticated events.

CNY 2024

We have specially curated abundant blessings for you during this festive time, wishing it accompanies you into a joyful Chinese New Year.


Fresh and energising morning service featuring an array of breakfast options, ensuring a perfect start to your event.


Tailored service befitting your special day, offering a seamless blend of exquisite cuisine and personalised attention to delight your guests.


Efficient and professional service providing meals that cater to the needs of a focused and productive event, ensuring seamless dining.

Plated Banquet

Impeccable service at your table, presenting a curated selection of fine dishes with elegant precision and attention to detail.

Served Canapés

Elegantly presented bite-sized delights served on trays, offering a sophisticated touch for events and encouraging mingling and conversation.

Live Stations

Engaging culinary theatre where our chefs create and serve fresh delicacies on the spot, adding flair and interactivity to your event.